Wagon Wheel


Wagon Wheel

Poles placed extending outward from a raised center to form a half circle.  The inside will be higher than the outside.  Height will vary depending on difficulty.  Poles are closer together in the center than they are on the outside but must be far enough apart for a horse to place a food down without touching the poles.


  • Walk inside of spokes
  • Trot inside of spokes
  • Halt half way through and side pass out
  • Lower divisions may be asked to walk the far outside of the circle
  • Horses may be asked to stop anywhere on the circle.

How is it Judged?

  • Horses judged on athletic ability and cadence
  • Stepping on or dislodging a pole receives highest penalty.  Ticks or rubs are penalized also but not as harshly.
  • Rhythm and smoothness to be awarded, horses should travel in a smooth arc
  • Riders must remain balanced and look in the direction traveled