Riders will be asked to mount their horse.


  • Mount with an obstacle – log, ditch, etc
  • Mount on the off side
  • Mount carrying an object that was retrieved
  • Mount simulating an injury

How is it Judged?

  • Horses should remain still – penalties for movement
  • Rider should have control of reins at all times
  • Rider should be facing slightly forward and grab mane (safest position should horse move)
  • Stirrup placement should be on ball of foot
  • Rider should clear the cantel and horse’s rump
  • Rider should land softly
  • Rider can use terrain to assist in mounting and or a mounting block will be available
  • Point off for:
    • Saddle movement or dislodged
    • Horse Moves
    • Loss of control
    • Horse puts head down and grazes
    • Rider “plops” in saddle – heavy landing
    • Rider faces the tail
    • Rider grabs horn instead of mane
    • Rider kicks horse accidentally