Down Hill


Down Hill

Rider will be asked to ride down hill, backing is not allowed.


  • Transition to stop
  • Step over a pole
  • Straddle a pole
  • Markers placed such that the path down is in a zig zag pattern

How is it Judged?

  • To be done at the WALK only
  • Rider to remain balanced while controlling their sway as to not unbalanced the horse.
  • Rider should adjust seat slightly back to accomidate the steepness of the hill
  • Rider weight should be in their heels and stirrups
  • Rider should allow horse to have range of their head and neck and not balance off the reins
  • Rushing of the horse will result in penalty
  • Resistance of horse will result in penalty
  • Stumbling of the horse results in severe penalty