10 Winter Horse Moments

  1. Frozen horse whiskers searching your hands for a treat
  2. Puffs of steam from nostrils as the horses frolic in the snow
  3. The quiet sound of snow falling and piling up on fuzzy backs
  4. The content sound of munching hay
  5. Your glove getting frozen to a gate latch because your hose just slobbered all over it.
  6. Your glove getting frozen to the handle of a water bucket and flying off because you are throwing the bucket repeatedly on the ground trying to break up the ice in it
  7. Wheedling an axe grunting out battle cries as you hack away the ice on a water tank because the tank heater broke.
  8. Breaking your toe because you tried to kick free a frozen poo pile
  9. Spilling the contents of a water bucket into your muck boot because you tripped into a frozen mud horse divot.
  10. Frozen in sweat, barn a mess, happy animals and a HOT shower!

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