Winter Riding Apparel for Cold-Weather Equestrians

Proper winter riding apparel is essential to cold weather horseback riding. With the right winter gear, you and your horse can enjoy riding even after the temperature drops. A comfortable rider will focus less on the cold, keeping the body and mind sharp for the gallop.

Here are five equestrian items that are key to warm, comfortable riding during the winter riding season.

  • Winter Riding Boots — Comfort trumps style when it comes to winter riding boots. Some extra-grip and traction soles will keep the ride stable and riders on their feet when walking around. Wider winter boots give added space for warm air circulation and may require a bigger stirrup iron.
  • Gloves — Keeping the hands warm is just as important as the feet. Winter riding gloves not only pack more insulation but also have added gripping palms to give riders a sturdier feel when handling equipment. For some extra warmth, riders can add silk liners into their gloves.
  • Winter Jackets — Equestrian winter jackets feature insulation and moisture-resistance. When trying on winter jackets keep in mind what layers will be worn underneath. The jacket should fit over the rest of the layers comfortably without being too bulky or restricting movement.
  • Helmets and Covers — The most crucial piece of equestrian gear for a rider’s safety is the helmet, but this head protection alone will not be enough to manage through the cold. Helmet covers made of fleece can encompass the helmet and retain the heat while blanketing part of the neck. Loose scarves should be avoided as a potential safety hazard.
  • Winter Riding Breeches — A quality pair of winter-ready breeches will keep riders warm with insulated fleece. Winter breeches feature water-resistant materials and added full-seat grip for riding traction while offering elastic closing ends to prevent cold air and snow from getting up the legs.

While there is a lot of equestrian gear available, these five essentials will keep riders warm, comfortable and safe for the winter. Riders must also remember to take care of apparel and leather to ensure its durability, checking old equipment and replacing worn items as needed. With great gear and warm insulation, riders will be ready when the cold weather hits.

Contributed by Dover Saddlery. Dover Saddlery is a leading retailer of tack, horse care supplies, and equestrian apparel for English riders.


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