Paddock Paradise: Stage 1

The initial track is finished!

Just in time for winter I finally have a full track all the way around my big 4 acre pasture.

The circumference is over a 1/4 mile and has 3 corner loafing/feeding stations and is ultimately connected to the old “mud” paddock which has shelter and water.

Currently 3 sides of the permanent fence have wood posts and I still have to replace the old T-posts with wood along the top of the hill.  That will happen next spring.

The corner loafing areas will be used as feeding stations and eventually have pea gravel for footing when time and funds can be allocated for it.

The inside track fence is made up of 2 strands of hot rope and I used step in posts.  I used T-posts in gate areas and in locations that change direction.  It is energized by a buried insulated hot wire leading from the perimeter fence.

Here’s what the current track looks like and a horse eye view of the track.
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1 comment to Paddock Paradise: Stage 1

  • Nancy

    I love it! Great job! In Rochester, too, and in the process of buying land. Whe we’re ready, we’d love to “pick your brain” for some advice! Thanks for sharing!!!