Trail Tails: Derby Day

The most watched equine event is coming up this weekend, The Kentucky Derby.  Horse racing runs in my blood, literally.  Now retired, my Uncle Christopher Paasch was a trainer on the west coast.  Thought he’s not your typical household name if you like to watch the races I’m sure you have seen him before or at least some of his horses.

So where might you have heard of him? Show of hands who has seen the movie Dreamer!  I’m not sure how my Uncle managed it but he was the horse trainer consultant for the movie.  A portion of the film was actually shot at his ranch, Victory Haven Training Center in KY.   It wasn’t long after that film that he sold the facility and moved back to California

The second place you may of herd of him or even seen him is on the TV series Animal Planet’s Jockeys.  The first season ends with a horse named Stardom Bound, partially owned and trained by my Uncle of Course and ridden by Mike Smith.  Here is a clip.  This is a really fun series and it is still up on Animal Planet’s website to watch in full if you haven’t seen it before. It gives you a look into behind the track scenes of racing.

Watching that race was bitter sweet.  First off because I don’t get to see my Uncle much and I got a glimpse of him on TV and secondly because I knew that win meant he would be retiring. 

Well I hope you don’t think that the racing blood in me has any mojo for knowing who the winner of the Kentucky Derby will be.  But, I will share with you my pick, Dialed In.  Why? Because I’m a geek and I remember when the phrase “Dialed In” was cool and I like a stalker and closer.  This horse likes to hang at the back of the pack, out of traffic and then close in the last ¼ mile.  Lastly, it’s not a Baffert horse. I have a personal vendetta with Baffert that stems from an encounter back in 2001 so each year I will his horses to lose the derby.  So far it’s been working 🙂  Yes, I am that lame and my hubby mocks me every time I start booing and hissing at the TV when they show Baffert. 

It’s more in jest though, having an “enemy” makes the race more interesting when you have a rival horse to root against. 

Ok, there you have it.  Stay away from Baffert horses and pick one with a fun name.  Just remember to have a good time, enjoy a Mint Julep, and wear a crazy hat.

Kentucky Derby
5pm – 7pm
on NBC

PS This is my 1 and only winner’s circle photo.  If you every get the chance to be in one don’t pass it up!  And yeah, that’s Laffit Pincay Jr aboard, the greatest jockey in history.  I even got to shake his hand, it was awesome!

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