Goliath Update

I’m happy to say that the big guy is back to 90% this week.   He looks sore and stiff still in his movement which leads me to believe my initial theory of him wearing himself ragged from a blanket adventure was correct.

He only has 2 more days left to wean him off the steroids and he’s been 3 days free of banamine and looks good.  Currently his schedule is turn out at night on grass and locked into the mud paddock during the day with 1qt of grain in the AM and a handful with meds at night which is his normal summer routine anyway.

I’m so happy to have gone from a horse that looked like this the night I slept in the barn with him.  He never brought his head up from that height all night long. 

The poor guy had to sleep in the center of the barn because if he went down in the stall we couldn’t get him up or out.  But, we ended up just 48hrs later with this happy looking guy.  Yes, he’s usually that dopy looking 🙂

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