Trail Tails – Emergency Slip Knot

I’m flabbergasted every time I see a horse owner who doesn’t know how to safely tie their horse.  I’ve seen double knots, incorrect square knots, some looped up thing that resembled a slip knot but turned into a mess as the horse pulled.

I’m here to show you the emergency slip know I like to use when tying my horse.  It’s called a slip knot but I’ve also heard it called the one handed braid. Because it’s hard to film a wiggly horse who gets in the way of the camera I opted to show you this knot using a trusty chair.


  1. Wrap your lead around a post or through your tie ring.
  2. Place your hand (palm up) under the rope that leads to your horse
  3. Grab mid way though the “tail” section of the rope
  4. Twist your palm to the down position creating a loop in the “tail”
  5. Bring the loop to the other side of the rope that leads to your horse
  6. Stick your hand through the loop (bottom to top)
  7. Reach over the rope and grab the tail
  8. Bring the tail through the loop
  9. Pull tight

10.  Done!

Video shows it so much better. As always, all of our videos are in HD! Check them out in 1080p!

Trail Tails
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